Government Loan Consolidation

SRLS processes the needed paperwork for borrowers with federal student loans including PLUS, Perkins, and all other loan types so that our clients may receive the best possible consolidation from the DOE.

By consolidating your eligible federal student loans into one payment you can save time, effort and expense. Instead of multiple payments with different interest rates you'll pay just one lender a single amount that is often less than the sum of your pre-consolidation payments.

Better still, you'll be dealing with a single entity whenever you need assistance with payments and other customer service issues. You may also be able to switch repayment plans at any time to meet your particular needs.

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The Crisis

Private Loan Consolidation

SRLS processes the needed paperwork for private student loan consolidation programs offering similar benefits to those with federal loans. You can simplify your finances by combining your payments into one easy monthly payment.

And, you can potentially lower your payments, reduce your interest rate, and extend your repayment term. There are other benefits as well.

For example, borrowers with loans co-signed by a parent can qualify for or co-signer release option after making twelve consecutive on-time payments. To help you starting out, you can also choose from interest-only payments for the first four years or a fully amortized 15 year term repayment.

SLRS is an incredibly outstanding company with knowledgeable and sincere representatives.

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How we can Help

SRLS Processors provide a confidential, one-on-one consultation session to determine whether consolidation is right for you based of DOE qualifications, and if so, which of the DOE programs will best fit your needs. We'll also help you calculate a workable payment option, and find the right lender for your particular situation. We'll prepare and submit the paperwork, and offer you ongoing assistance through every step of the process.

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Do It Yourself

If you are the type of person that likes to process your own paperwork. Please click here to begin.